An exciting new event!

As the first class of human students to attend our Wizarding Academy you are entering the Kingdom in a time of great upheaval. A mysterious Wizard known only as Lord Darkstone has put everyone in a state of fear. He seeks only power and has gathered many like-minded allies and minions to serve him…

The Gatekeeper, a fabled wizard with the ability to travel between worlds has brought you here to learn and help where you can… do you have what it takes?

May 18-19, 2019

10 am - 6 pm

Sleepy Hollow's Newsletter

Volunteer & Cast Positions


If you are passionate about performance and all things wizardry, but maybe aren’t ready to carry a one-man show or stay in character all day long, there is still a way you can be a part of the building the Kingdom of Wizardry! The are many volunteer positions and acting roles available. To find out how you can get involved please contact our entertainment director via email at

Ensemble Cast

Expectations and Benefits:

  • Volunteer cast members are street characters to fill in the Kingdom and will be assigned to assist the Professors and Quest givers to help entertain guests, give cast members breaks, and direct traffic around activities.
  • Since you will be taking on a volunteer role, you will need to provide your own costume. The actual character you will play will is your choice as long as it is approved by the director and doesn’t keep you from the tasks you’re are assigns
  • Meals at rehearsals and during the event will be provided.


If you are interested in being involved in this production some other way, be it set design, painting, site set up, etc. please contact the Management Team via our contact page.

Paid Positions

Our main and supporting cast positions for 2019 have been filled. Please contact our Entertainment Director, Buddy Jackson, via his contact form if you have any question. We are still looking for volunteer cast members to fill a variety of ensemble needs and even if volunteering isn’t for you we would still love to hear from you if you are interested in being a part of the Kingdom of Wizardry team.