An exciting new event!

As the first class of human students to attend our Wizarding Academy you are entering the Kingdom in a time of great upheaval. A mysterious Wizard known only as Lord Darkstone has put everyone in a state of fear. He seeks only power and has gathered many like-minded allies and minions to serve him…

The Gatekeeper, a fabled wizard with the ability to travel between worlds has brought you here to learn and help where you can… do you have what it takes?

May 18-19, 2019

10 am - 6 pm

Sleepy Hollow's Newsletter

Merchants, it's time to unleash your inner wizard!

The merchant application for Sleepy Hollow’s brand new event, Kingdom of Wizardry, is now available. This event is an interactive experience celebrating magical stories and characters from across fiction. Including a Harry Potter inspired school of magic and a series of quests and characters straight out of Lord of the Rings and Arthurian Legend. Our guests will be looking forward to exploring the shops of this world in a hunt for costumes and supplies, magical reagents, precious artifacts, and merchandise from their favorite magical fictions.

Are you interested in bringing your magical wares to the Kingdom of Wizardry? Please fill out this merchant application form and return to our Merchant Coordinator, Mary Flatt via email to or mail with your deposit to 4051 Dean Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50317.

Space Type Fee Due by Event Deposit Due 2/22/19
Cart or Street Stand $75 $40
Tent $100 $50
Medium Booth
(~150-220 sq. ft.)
$150 $75
Large Booth
(~240+ sq. ft.)
$275 $90