Under the care of Headmaster Vellane, you will be educated in the ways your chosen school of magic. Spots in each school are limited and are chosen when you purchase your ticket so don’t wait. After completing your required courses you will receive a diploma and an insignia to indicate magic proficiency and that you complete your first year at the Kingdom of Wizardry Academy.

Can’t decide which school of magic you want to study? Come back for a second day in the Kingdom of Wizardry and you get a double major, earning your insignia in two different schools.

Mind School Classes

Make your own wand and learn the mysteries of Divination and Astronomy. Your mental prowess is sure to be needed as we face our enemy.

  • Divination with Professor Patchouli
  • Astronomy with Professor Tyson
  • Build your own runestones with our magical crafting instructor, Professor Stanleey.

Physical School Classes

Create an enchantment scroll to imbue your weapons with powerful magic, learn to wield such weapons, and practice the skill of conjuration. Your strength will surely be needed against the coming darkness.

  • Conjuration with Professor Copperhead
  • Magical Combat
  • Create an enchantment scroll with our magical crafting instructor, Professor Stanleey.

Nature School Classes

Make a druidic staff to help you commune with nature, learn about magical beasts and the realms in which they dwell, then put all that knowledge to use in potions class. Your ability to harness the natural world will be a skill Lord Darkstone will surely fear.

  • Potions with Professor Potus
  • Magical Beasts with Professor Samuel Hain
  • Design your very own magic wand with our magical crafting instructor, Professor Stanleey.

Free Activities

All the below activities are included with your ticket.

  • Learn to play Quidditch!
  • Watch a Quidditch match (more details coming on this soon).
  • Attend a mystical dance and learn the steps from Danza Mystique.
  • Multiclass in Ranger! Practice archery among the elves.
  • Multiclass in Rogue! Spend some time among the sneaky citizen of the kingdom of wizardry learning how to use a throwing star.
  • Multiclass in Barbarian! Axe throwing is the preferred pass time of dwarfs and ogres… perhaps you would like to join them?
  • Go questing! Don’t forget to bring along your handy quest book. The citizens of the Kingdom of Wizardry have many tasks they need your help with. Rewards and adventure await.
  • Join your professor and friends you have made along the way in standing against the darkness in the Final Battle Show! This highly interactive conclusion to your day will be affected by what you learned.


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