The Kingdom of Wizardry needs you!

Yes, you… with the heart of full of magic and the incredible imagination. The gateway to the Kingdom of Wizardry opens May 18th and 19th, 2019. You can be among the first from your world to pass through it.

Sleepy Hollow’s brand new event Kingdom of Wizardry is an interactive event celebrating magical stories and characters from across fiction. Our guests will be fully immersed into the kingdom as they attend classes at a Harry Potter inspired Magic Academy, meet its many colorful characters, go on Lord of the Rings and D&D styles quests as you join the fight to protect magic from an encroaching evil!

Tickets coming soon…

Tickets will go on sale March 1st at Space is limited and tickets may no longer be available at the gate, so don’t wait.

$30/day in advanced |$35/day at the gates

Choose a magical specialty…

What kind of wizard are you? Choose a department of magic in which to study at the Magic Academy.

Mind School – Make your own runestones and learn the mysteries of Divination and Astronomy. Your mental prowess is sure to be of great value as we face our enemy.

Physical School – Create an enchantment scroll to imbue your weapons with powerful magic, learn to wield such weapons, and practice the skill of conjuration. We will need your strength against the coming darkness.

Nature School – Make a magic wand to help you commune with nature, learn about magical beasts and the realms in which they dwell, then put all that knowledge to use in potions class. Your ability to harness the natural world will be a skill Lord Darkstone will surely fear.

Explore the Kingdom…

Of course, it’s not just classes and learning. Explore the local shops for magical reagents, precious artifacts, and tasty food and drink. While you’re at it you will meet the many citizens of this realm who may request your aid as they attempt to prepare against the minions of darkness. Quests, games, and a wide range of activities are waiting just beyond the portal in the realm of magic. Visit the activity page for more details.

Want to get involved in the team?

Our Main and Supporting character positions have already been cast. However we do still have room for some in the ensemble. These positions are primarily volunteer and great if you are new to performing but have a love of wizarding fiction and characters. Click here to learn more about joining our volunteer team!


4051 Dean Avenue,

Des Moines, IA 50317